MEECS Environmental Education for Today and Tomorrow

MEECS Grades 3-9

The Michigan Environmental Education Curriculum Support (MEECS) is carefully designed to help teachers integrate environmental education into their classrooms using balanced and science-based curriculum lessons and materials. Broaden the opportunities for young people to acquire basic information about the environment - how it functions, how it is affected by human activity, and how harmony between human activity and the natural environment can be achieved to benefit our economy, our environment, and our quality of life. A greater understanding of our environment will lead to greater care and stewardship.

The units are Michigan-specific and include the many environmental issues that are unique to the Great Lakes region.  Please contact the Michigan Geographic Alliance for more information about the curriculum and workshops.  Phone: 989-774-3723  E-mail:

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Developed and distributed for the Michigan Department of Environmental Quality

Michigan Environmental Education Curriculum Support